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Dominic Commane Studio

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About Dominic Commane

At the age of 16 Dominic started working for the world famous John Hardman Stained Glass Studios at Lightwoods House, Birmingham. Hardman was the manufacturer to A W N Pugin, designers for the new Palace of Westminster. For the following 8 years Dominic’s raw enthusiasm & passion for rich design & historic buildings was indulged & developed giving him a skills set to replicate stained glass & fine non ferrous metalwork. Here he was trained in all aspects of fine historic glazing, understanding kiln craft, the composition of all painted & coloured glass, its design & suitability in a given environment, & its mechanical function & installation. Dominic gained further knowledge of chandeliers & period lighting, which would often be left on his bench as he developed a niche interest, developed by his employers. From working on the Hardman windows from Rockhampton Cathedral in Australia, to restoration of the Ballroom Chandeliers at the former Regent Hotel, Royal Leamington Spa, a vital apprenticeship was gained.


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I was fortunate to be introduced to Dominic Commane in 2003. Filming took place here for a Regency themed production. Dominic came in to remove and renovate chandeliers and other lighting, not found during that period! One such chandelier was held up by the wire and a well made coat hanger!! He undertook to 'make safe/user friendly' Christopher Wray lights purchased by the production team. Dominic then moved on to the lead work that had suffered from years of neglect in the bathrooms, servicing the catches and reducing the 'wind chill'. He also helped to find lighting for a number of the bedrooms.

I cannot fault his work ethic. In a house, such as Kentchurch Court, the need for trust is paramount in the work place. I would not hesitate to ask for his guidance in the future.

Jan Lucas-Scudamore